Harry Lali Blasts NDP Convention

harry laliThis is what 4-time NDP MLA Harry Lali has to say about the recent BCNDP Convention–

“Three things defined the recent BCNDP convention:

Firstly, the stench of a campaign of misinformation and race-based rumours was shocking.

Secondly, the misnamed “Forward BC NDP” group missed the memo that the convention was about “renewal”.

Laila Yuile’s expose on “Forward BC NDP” entitled: “Why ‘Renewal’ for the BCNDP really means nothing,” is a must read.

Despite their utterances of “diversity”, “renewal”, and “inclusion,” Forward BC NDP’s badly-disguised goal is to preserve their privileged status in the NDP – they want restrictive paper membership rules that limit and retard the growing role and influence ethnic minorities seek in the Party.

Why…because the vast majority of visible minority sign-ups are cash and paper-based.

Thirdly, as a 4-time NDP MLA, I am ashamed to learn that the NDP Women’s Rights Committee allowed candidate Craig Keating to speak at their meeting, while prohibiting 3-time Indo-Canadian MLA and candidate Jagrup Brar from doing the same.

Imagine if an ethnic men’s group of the NDP had allowed a coloured woman candidate to speak while prohibiting a white woman candidate from speaking, the Women’s Rights Committee would have predictably gone ballistic charging “Sexism and Racism!”

Their collective silence is deafening!

Historically, South Asians have loyally supported the NDP as volunteers, generous donators and active vote banks in provincial elections. We are tired of being taken for granted by our own Party brass.


President Keating and the NDP need to investigate and execute proper redress of this very serious matter. Until then, the South Asian community should with-hold all monetary and electoral support for the Party.

Edmund Burke once said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

The ball…is squarely in your court, Mr. Keating. I am Harry Lali!”