Health Minister Dix’s statement on Delta Hospice Society

HEALTH Minister Adrian Dix on Friday issued the following statement on the Delta Hospice Society (DHS):

“Fraser Health will stop funding DHS on Feb. 25, 2021, having provided the required 365 days notice to end its service agreement without cause.

“The contract had provided DHS approximately $1.5 million annually. This covered 94% of the society’s costs to operate 10 beds at the Irene Thomas Hospice – a facility on land Fraser Health owns.

“This decision to end this contract is final and will not change.

“DHS can continue to provide hospice services until Feb. 25, 2021, if it complies with the existing contract.

“The hospice is regulated under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act (CCALA) and is required to act in accordance with that act. The CCALA requires licensees to operate community care facilities in a manner that will promote the health, safety and dignity and rights of persons in care, make the rights of persons in care known to residents and their families, and to ensure residents’ choices are respected and supported. (Sec 2 (a); Sec 7(1)(b)(i)(ii))

“Anyone who believes that an operator is not acting in accordance with the CCALA or its regulations may make a complaint to the medical health officer in their region, who is required to investigate the allegations. (Sec 15 (1)(B)(ii))

“I have heard concerns from the community about the internal governance of the society. Anyone concerned about governance issues of the society may have remedies available to them under the Societies Act and should consult a lawyer for advice on options available to them. You can read more about these options here:

“This is a time when our communities have come together in remarkable ways to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Access to hospice services are fundamental to people. That’s what I hear regularly from people in Delta and across B.C. That is why there is strong support for the decision we have taken. I think this commitment to hospice can and should bring us together as communities.

“Fraser Health’s job, and my job, is to ensure that Delta residents continue to have access to hospice services upon the termination of the contract with DHS. We continue to be committed to this and are working to make it happen.”