Help for Delhi victims: Muslim ties Sikh turban

Chandigarh (IANS): A Muslim bridegroom tied a Sikh turban on his wedding in Gidderbaha town in Punjab in order to express gratitude to the Sikhs for rescuing Muslims during riots in north-east Delhi.

His marriage video has gone viral on the social media.

Abdul’s father-in-law Saleem Khan said his son-in-law wore the turban to convey a message of communal harmony.

“A Muslim is not identified only by his cap but also by his thoughts. Likewise, a true Sikh’s identity is not only his turban but also his Gursikhi,” he said.

Khan said Abdul had told them in advance that he would sport a turban in honour of Sikhs who rescued Muslims in Delhi.

“We were happy with his decision,” he added.