Help on the way for local book, magazine publishers

B.C. has the second-largest English-language book publishing market in Canada


TO help B.C.’s book and magazine publishers address immediate challenges and give the broader publishing industry the support it needs to thrive in the future, the Province announced on Monday that it is providing $600,000 over the next three years.

“In honour of BC Book Day, we celebrate our domestic publishing industry,” said Lana Popham, Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport. “B.C. has the second-largest English-language book publishing market in Canada. This industry is creative, innovative and diverse, and we are proud of the unique voices that are shared through the many B.C. publications. We are securing a stronger, more competitive future for these businesses, their workers and their products.”

This funding builds on supports already provided to the industry through the BC Arts Council, Creative BC and the book publishing tax credit, to provide immediate relief and promote success. The publishing industry is facing significant challenges due to ongoing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, the Province will provide $200,000 to book publishers who are facing supply-chain challenges and rising costs related to printing, shipping and distribution. Over the next two years, the Province will provide $400,000 to book and magazine publishers to help them remain innovative, adaptive and competitive.

“Books and magazines are an essential means of cultural expression,” said Bob D’Eith, Parliamentary Secretary for Arts and Film. “Through publishers, authors share knowledge, experiences, stories and ideas. This supports community connections, education and literacy, and overall quality of life for people of all backgrounds. This government contribution will provide much-needed relief, now and for years to come.”

Publishers share the diverse and unique voices of the people living in British Columbia through hundreds of domestic publications. There are 46 award-winning publishers in B.C. and 250 magazine titles are produced each year. These publishers provide jobs, learning materials for classrooms and reading products for people in every neighbourhood.

Matea Kulić, Executive Director, Association of Book Publishers of BC (Books BC), said: “Books BC is grateful to the Province of British Columbia for this additional recovery funding during a challenging time for publishers, in which paper and printing costs have doubled and, in some instances, even tripled. This funding will provide targeted support for our region’s publishers and help them get production and printing back on track after a three-year period of supply-chain delays and disruptions throughout the retail landscape. Ultimately, this funding will result in more regionally produced titles, increased printing in Canada and more books in the hands of British Columbians.”

Sylvia Skene, Executive Director, Magazine Association of BC, said: “We applaud the provincial government in offering this financial support to the publishing industries. B.C. magazines are committed to offering great content that serves the needs of their readers despite many challenges, and this new funding will assist them in doing so.”

Prem Gill, CEO, Creative BC, said: “We are tremendously proud of B.C.’s book and magazine publishing industries. This is the first dedicated provincial fund ever for Creative BC’s delivery to these companies, and it carries a distinctive intent for economic development. For the next three years, it will greatly boost the business capacity and resilience of the province’s publishing companies, complementing the important literary supports that continue to be delivered by our colleagues at the BC Arts Council.”

Anny Scoones, bestselling B.C. author, added: “Government investment in the book business and publishing sector is vital to a vibrant, forward-thinking, intelligent and diverse society. Books inspire, educate, comfort, motivate, entertain and have the power to change lives. Not many sectors can do all that. Books benefit British Columbia; without the vital government support in the publishing and writing industry, our communities would surely lack what it offers to our diverse population.”


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B.C.’s publishing industry gets $600,000 funding over three years

This year, the Association of Book Publishers of BC will administer the first portion of the funding ($200,000). Members can contact the association to find out more. The next two years, Creative BC will administer the second portion of funding ($400,000), aimed at book and magazine publishers. An application process will be developed and communicated in 2024.

Here are some details about book and magazine publishing in B.C.:

* B.C.’s book publishing industry accounts for 20% of English-language publishers in Canada.

* According to Creative BC’s Creative Industries Economic Results Assessment (CIERA) tool (2021):
– Book and magazine publishing contributed $190 million in total GDP and more than 1,760 full-time jobs in B.C. in 2021.

– Book publishing contributed $25 million in total GDP and 262 jobs.

– Magazine publishing contributed $165 million in total GDP and 1,499 jobs.

* There are more than 270 businesses that provide distribution, sales, education, safekeeping and public access to books and magazines.