Horgan government further erodes trust with Indigenous communities: B.C. Liberals

THE BC Liberals said on Tuesday that John Horgan’s cut to Indigenous language programs is yet another example of the Premier making promises and not following through on them.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important for the Premier’s actions to align with his promises — yet now we hear community members are having to scramble to save their languages because the Premier has let funding lapse,” said Opposition Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Critic Peter Milobar.

“This cut comes from a Premier who has also tried to frame $60 million in reconciliation funding as new money when in reality, in budget estimates debate we confirmed it has existed all along. It’s a mischaracterization, and simply another case of John Horgan saying one thing and doing another.”

Milobar noted the cut to language programs contradicts the Minister’s mandate letter from the Premier. Milobar said that if the Premier wants to build trust with Indigenous communities, it’s imperative he keeps his word to them.