Horgan needs to finally help end labour dispute at Western Forest Products: BC Liberals

BC Liberal Forestry Critic John Rustad is calling on the BC NDP to intervene immediately in the labour dispute between Western Forest Products and the United Steelworkers following Tuesday’s announcement that Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers have pulled out as mediators.

“We are in the eighth month of deadlock and the NDP can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch further hurt be inflicted on coastal communities when it’s clear no agreement is on the horizon,” said Rustad on Wednesday. “[Premier] John Horgan has a number of options to resolve the dispute, which includes calling an industrial inquiry commission. Additionally, the Labour Minister Harry Bains could ask former mediators Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers to publish a report with a list of recommendations.”

Horgan and his government have proven to be incompetent, uncaring and irresponsible, said the BC Liberals.

“NDP Labour Minister Harry Bains knows this dispute can no longer be resolved through mediation or at the bargaining table and is only inviting more economic devastation to communities up and down Vancouver Island as this strike drags on,” added Rustad. “Government needs to act, and they need act now.”

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