Horgan silent as millions of U.S. dollars fund B.C. obstruction campaigns: BC Liberals

THE BC Liberals are calling on Premier John Horgan and the NDP to condemn the actions of foreign organizations that they say are funneling millions of dollars into groups intent on creating economic chaos in British Columbia.

“Our province has seen at least $4.2 million in U.S. funds funneled to just six organizations that are promoting the current protests and blockades to obstruct B.C. energy projects,” said Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberal Leader. “The serious issue of foreign interference in politics and elections has been making headlines for years now. John Horgan needs to show leadership, condemn foreign-funded political interference, and take action to ensure that our democratic institutions and values are respected.”

U.S. tax documents reveal that a collection of five American-based organizations, including the Tides Foundation, have funnelled at least $4,218,311 to six Canadian groups. In addition to organizing campaigns to disrupt B.C. energy projects, each of these groups has also been supportive of the current blockades, including West Coast Environmental Law, which is raising money to support a legal fund to support blockade protesters.

Also funded by American interests is The Wilderness Committee, a group which earlier this month led a public campaign to shut down the B.C. government.

“My chief and council of the Haisla Nation have worked hard to bring an end to the poverty, suicide, and hopelessness in our community — we found hope for our future but now foreign interests are telling my people they are ignorant and don’t know what’s best for them,” said Skeena MLA Ellis Ross. “We are seeing a coordinated assault on our economy funded primarily by foreign money which hijacks aboriginal issues and seeks to freeze B.C. out of the global energy market with no concern for the tension and adversity they create in First Nations communities.”

Wilkinson previously tabled the Control of Foreign Funding and Electoral Influence Act to stop foreign political interference in British Columbia, but Horgan and the NDP refused to debate the proposed bill.

“This is beyond partisan politics. All parties in the Legislature should be committed to securing our democracy and keeping our politics local,” said Wilkinson. “It’s time for John Horgan to condemn these foreign-funded campaigns, take back control, and guarantee that political power remains in the hands of British Columbians.”


  1. We should be calling for a public inquiry. This is far more alarming than money laundering or any imaginary catastrophe from climate fraud.

  2. Typical of our govts not stamping out this kind of political interference from outside sources. They should get off their rumps and shut these organizations down I’m sure we have many laws on the books which could be used to close their doors

  3. So haven’t the opposition taken him to task and do a non confidence vote. Because everyone is more concerned about their political agenda rather than doing what’s best for Canada….pathetic people.

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