BC Liberals: NDP cuts environmental spending

Minister George Heyman calls them “misleading claims”

BC Liberal Environment Critic Peter Milobar is sounding the alarm over significant budget cuts at the Ministry of Environment, which will negatively impact B.C.’s ability to fight climate change. 

“Taxation is up by over $5.7 billion since John Horgan took office and it’s clear the NDP is only keeping British Columbia afloat by the slightest of margins,” said Milobar. “Cuts to the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy are the sad result of this government’s reckless spending and will only impede our province’s progress toward a more sustainable future.”

Premier John Horgan and the NDP’s spending at the Environment Ministry has been reduced by over $4.6 million, including significant cuts to the areas of Environmental Protection, Environmental Sustainability, BC Parks, and Conservation Officer Services. Additionally, cuts to climate action operations have been slashed by nearly $2 million, say the BC Liberals..

“Since John Horgan and the NDP took office, government spending has gone up by over $11 billion dollars, putting our province on the verge of a deficit,” said Milobar. “John Horgan and the NDP claim to promote a progressive climate action plan, but to see cuts to environment spending is truly disheartening and exposes this government’s lack of priority for our environment.”

George Heyman

GEORGE Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in response to Milobar’s criticism, emailed the following to The VOICE :

“I’m very proud that Budget 2020 increases investment in CleanBC by $419 million, bringing the four-year total to approximately $1.3 billion. 

“It’s disappointing the Opposition is making these misleading claims, especially given their record of failing to act on climate action and closing over 3,000 campsites. 

“Regarding the climate action fund, our government has replaced the the Cement Industry Initiative program with the CleanBC Program for Industry. This will help large B.C. industries, including the cement industry, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase low-carbon opportunities and support good jobs for people. 

“Budget 2020 is also increasing funding for the CleanBC Program for Industry this year by approximately $50 million.

“We’re committed to working together to create a cleaner, better future for everyone in our province.” 


  1. Where is the corresponding cut in the useless Horgan Carbon Tax? Horgan spent that much or more on lawyers to fight pipelines, even when over 70% supported pipelines in a poll.

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