Horgan: Sixth consecutive month where we have seen significant job creation in B.C.

PREMIER John Horgan on Friday noted that the Labour Force Survey for the month of October shows British Columbia led the country, creating 33,500 jobs. The province’s unemployment rate fell to 8.0%, well below the national average.

Horgan said: “This is the sixth consecutive month where we have seen significant job creation in B.C., bringing total employment to 97.6% of our pre-pandemic levels in February.”

He added: “This jobs report is another positive sign for our economy and the people of British Columbia. However, the numbers, while welcome, do not fully reflect the continuing serious hardship in some sectors of the economy. We know there is much more to do as some businesses are still struggling.

“First and foremost on all of our minds should be our collective efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 and once again flatten the curve. That means staying local, only spending time with our ‘safe six’ and following the safety basics at work, at school and at home.

“British Columbia has proved the key to a strong economic recovery is effective management of public health and preventing the spread of this virus. We must redouble our efforts.

“At the same time, B.C.’s government will continue to deliver support to people and businesses still struggling to get back on their feet. We will get through this by working together.”