ICBC’s tips to help drivers cope with B.C.’s next heat wave

AS B.C. braces for another heat wave that’s anticipated to last through the weekend, ICBC is urging drivers, especially those travelling in the Southern Interior, to take precautions and to be aware of the risks hotter weather can bring on the road.


Tips for all drivers:


* Don’t get behind the wheel if you’re tired. The heat and humidity can zap your energy. Drowsy driving affects your response time, judgment and vision.

* Check your emotions before you sit behind the wheel. Sitting in traffic is never fun, and baking in the heat can further raise tempers. Prevent road rage by planning ahead, leaving plenty of time to get to your destination and being courteous to other drivers.

* Don’t leave a child or pet alone in your vehicle – the anticipated weather can raise temperatures to dangerous levels within minutes.

* Keep backseat passengers cool with window shades. Children are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures.


Tips for road trips:


* If you’re going on a road trip, consider your travel times. Driving in the morning or evening will be cooler for you, your passengers and your car’s engine.

* Drink water throughout your trip to stay hydrated and alert. Driving while dehydrated can affect your concentration, reaction times and your mood.

* Take regular rest breaks so that you and your passengers can stretch and recharge.

* Check your tire pressure before setting off. Using under-inflated tires in hot weather increases your chances of a tire blowing out. Check that your spare tire is also properly inflated.

* Visit to plan your route, check road conditions and planned construction projects.