Immigration Minister Chris Alexander in India July 5-10

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander CANADA’S Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is visiting New Delhi and Mumbai from July 5 to 10.

During his visit, Alexander will meet with senior government officials, entrepreneurs, students, and business leaders in the information technology and entertainment industries. He will highlight the many pathways to immigrate to Canada through diverse economic immigration programs, the launch of Canada’s Express Entry system in January 2015, and programs that facilitate the arrival and integration of immigrants to Canada, such as the Canadian Immigrant Integration Program.

In New Delhi, Alexander will meet with Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs and Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, as well as Rajnath Singh, Minister of Home Affairs.
Alexander will deliver a speech to members of the Confederation of Indian Industry Young Indians where he will focus on the important role of a strong and responsible immigration system in Canada’s successful economic development as well as Canada’s new Start-Up Visa for entrepreneurs.

In Mumbai, Alexander will speak at the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) at the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute. DMZ is the first Canadian-led accelerator in India, and an incubator for start-ups that helps both Canadian and Indian entrepreneurs establish and expand their businesses in Indian and Canadian markets. Alexander will also speak to young entrepreneurs’ about Canada’s Start-Up Visa and the Canadian Experience Class.

* India is the third largest source country of immigrants to Canada. The Indo-Canadian community currently numbers approximately one million.

* India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Canada and India are committed to tripling bilateral trade to $15 billion annually.

* India was the second largest source of students destined to Canada in 2013 when 14,000 study permits were issued, more than four times the number in 2007.

* In 2013, Canada issued more than 130,000 visas to people coming from India to visit family, friends or as tourists.

“Canada has welcomed generations of newcomers from India who have helped to build a pluralistic and prosperous Canada. Our government continues to transform our immigration system into one that is fast, fair and flexible with more options than ever for permanent residency for people with the skills, talents and innovative drive that Canada needs,” said Alexander.

“Canada and India enjoy a strong bilateral relationship that is based on shared democratic values and mutual economic interests. I look forward to continued successes in strengthening our important bonds.”


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