India ignored as new B.C. scholarship expands opportunities for international students from China, Japan and South Korea

asia_east_pol_2004A new $150,000 scholarship program that will benefit 120 students from China, Japan and South Korea ignores India.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender announced the new British Columbia International Education Scholarships on Tuesday during his current mission to Asia.

Under the program the ministry will provide each country’s students with awards totalling $50,000. Forty students from each country will receive $1,250 to study in B.C. This will support 20 students to attend schools at the kindergarten to Grade 12 level, and 20 Grade 12 students to attend post-secondary institutions.

The ministry will work with government partners from China, Japan and South Korea, and with B.C. K-12 and post-secondary sector representatives on the scholarship program. Details of the scholarship including eligibility criteria will be announced next winter. The goal is to issue the first awards in spring for eligible students to commence their studies in B.C. in fall 2016.

The scholarship will not only benefit international students, but B.C. students as well through a more diverse learning environment, ideas and experiences from their classmates coming from abroad. This program builds on the Province’s existing collaborative relationships in education with China, Japan and South Korea, which are all priority partners under B.C.’s International Education Strategy.

In addition to the new scholarship program, the ministry and the Consulate-General of China in Vancouver have established another annual scholarship, British Columbia-China Award for Excellence in Chinese. The ministry and the Consulate General will contribute $12,500 each to award $500 to 50 Grade 12 B.C. students for their excellence in the study of Chinese.

International education makes valuable cultural, social and economic contributions to B.C. Minister of Education Peter Fassbender’s mission to China and Japan from May 29 to June 4, 2015, supports the government’s International Education Strategy under the BC Jobs Plan, which promotes the two-way flow of students, educators and ideas between B.C. and various countries.

Fassbender said: “International students help shape our multicultural, world-class education system, which benefits all of our students and teachers in B.C.

“Every year more than 100,000 students come to study in our province, and we are working with educational partners around the world to expand opportunities for students to learn in B.C. and for our students to learn in other countries too. The new scholarships announced today are examples of what we’re trying to achieve for the benefit of students.

“I have had many positive, collaborative discussions with our educational partners in Asia, and it has been a great experience meeting students and staff at our Sino Bright No. 8 school.”

Andrew Wilkinson, Minister of Advanced Education, said: “Our government is providing $150,000 in scholarships to encourage more students from China, Japan and South Korea to begin – or continue – their studies in British Columbia. The educational and life experiences that students gain through international education leads to lifelong connections and a global perspective.”