India should replicate English league

Kolkata—Welsh footballer Niel Taylor Tuesday said India should replicate the English Premier League (EPL) model to “massively” boost the football scene in the country.

“It can help massively. I have seen the Indian Premier League (IPL) and how big you can do things, putting it on a global scale. I wonder how it can’t happen. They have premier leagues worldwide so hopefully India; the combination you have in the country, there’s no reason why you can’t have one,” Taylor said here while interacting with participants, coaches and coordinators of the Kolkata Goalz project at the East Bengal Club.

Taylor, who plays left-back for Swansea City Association Football Club in Wales was hopeful about the club producing quality players in future.

“We have good talent for a couple of years. Hopefully we can build on what we have and produce a strong set. The strategy at Swansea is to get players who are hungry, willing to use the opportunity and there is a prevalence of new players,” said Taylor.–IANS