Indian woman in Oman in custody over husband’s death

Dubai — A 40-year-old Indian woman has been taken into police custody in Oman following her husband’s unnatural death Oct 25.

The teacher in an Indian school in Sur and a mother of two girls studying in the same school was taken away for questioning over her 49-year-old husband’s death, the Times Of Oman reported.

The teacher reportedly stabbed her husband following a brawl. The man was scuffling with his wife in a drunken state.

“He was found dead in the room when the police came. The officials conducted the initial probe and requested for her custody,” family friends were quoted as saying.

“The victim was reportedly an alcoholic. We helped him frequently in reaching home since he used to be excessively drunk. He landed in trouble many times after being caught for drunken driving,” a friend said.

Family friends have sought the Indian embassy’s help to take up the case.

The woman’s two daughters, aged 11 and 13, are being taken care of by a family friend. They are trying to send them to India.

The lady is being kept in a women’s cell in Jalan, about 80 km southeast of Sur.—IANS