Indo-Pacific Strategy funding will help strengthen Canada’s International Student Program

SEAN Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, on Wednesday announced how investments in the immigration system will allow Canada to grow and prosper as part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy.

An investment of $74.6 million over five years, and $15.7 million ongoing, will boost the application processing capacity both domestically and in the Indo-Pacific region—including New Delhi, Chandigarh, Islamabad and Manila.

Fraser said these new resources will bolster ongoing efforts to process the high volume of visa applications from the region, contribute to improved processing times, and support people-to-people ties, all with the goal of bringing more people to Canada—whether to visit, study, work or immigrate permanently—and doing it faster.

He noted that what’s more, international students make immense social and economic contributions to Canada. In recent years, the Indo-Pacific region has accounted for nearly two thirds of the international students Canada welcomes. Thousands of those students transition to permanent residence in Canada each year, while thousands more return home after completing their education, taking with them a personal connection to Canada.

Funding received through the Indo-Pacific Strategy will help strengthen Canada’s International Student Program and promote greater diversity in the region among those looking to study here. By giving them access to permanent residence and job opportunities that could lead to staying in Canada, these investments will attract students, who frequently become the highly skilled workers Canada needs to meet the challenges of our economy today and tomorrow.

The Government of Canada recognizes the significant and profound role the Indo-Pacific region will play in the country’s future. By investing in the immigration system and building a strong mutual partnership with the Indo-Pacific, the government demonstrates Canada’s commitment to long-term prosperity for both regions.


Quick Facts:

* The Government of Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy is led by Global Affairs Canada and draws in a number of other departments, including Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada through the various initiatives being pursued.

* The Indo-Pacific Strategy includes new initiatives and investments of almost $2.3 billion over the first five years.

* In 2021, India, China and the Philippines were the top three source countries for permanent residents to Canada, accounting for 44% of admissions combined.

* Approximately 65% of Canada’s international students are from the Indo-Pacific region. As part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development program will provide $14.2 million in funding over five years to encourage valuable exchanges and the sharing of expertise, and to introduce more education and research in shared areas of interest.