Interfaith Symposium held in Surrey

An interesting interfaith symposium regarding natural disasters and calamities was organized by The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of BC Canada. This symposium on “Natural Disasters- Coincidence or Act of God” was held at Surrey Centre Library on January 20 to discuss the theme of the event from different theological viewpoints. It is to be appreciated that a highly popular community leader and three times elected MLA Mr. Harry Bains was the President of the program. And as the Master of Ceremony he also proved quite effective in providing the much desired effect to this community event to make it a fruitful and absorbing interfaith event. Appreciating the endeavor of the Ahamadiyya Muslim Community, Harry Bains said, “Such beautiful programs of bringing people together go a long way in promoting multiculturalism and harmony in our country. It is with such programs that we can make our beautiful British Columbia all the more beautiful and lovable place to live in.

The speakers included Ven. Grant Rodgers, Chair of Ecumenical Anglican Church, Rabbi Joshua Corbar for Jewish, Imam Bilal Khokhar for Islam, Gian Singh Kotli for Sikhism and Pastor Satish Kumar for Christianity. Almost all the speakers seemed to converge on the point that God is the driving force behind running the universe. He is present everywhere. In this respect the Sikh thought was very clearly explained where emphasis was laid on the omnipotence and omnipresence of God who runs the universe in accordance with his Natural laws which can never be changed by anyone. “Everything is under God’s Hukam (laws) and no one is above His laws. God being Omnipresent resides in Nature. Therefore the Natural Disasters are part of Nature and hence Act of God.

Harry Bains MLA thanked Mr. Rizwan Peerzada, the live-wire of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaa’t of BC and his team of dedicated volunteers for organizing this inspiring event. All speakers were honored by presenting them plaques. Mr. Naeem Lakhan President Metro Vancouver Region thanked all for making this event a grand success. (By Gian Singh Kotli)