International Yoga Day celebrations

Kids’ yoga in Burnaby

THE 4th International Yoga Day was celebrated in multiple cities of Greater Vancouver by the India Cultural Association (ICA) of Vancouver. The awareness and significance of the day is gaining ground every year throughout the Lower Mainland, and ICA is proud to be the sponsor and promoter of the art of yoga. Yoga integrates body, mind and soul.

Vancouver has a large presence of individuals who are dedicated towards yoga and practice it on a frequent basis. The endorsement by United Nations to dedicate June 21 as the International Day of Yoga or commonly referred to as Yoga Day since 2015 has reinforced the science of yoga. Due to this every year more and more people throughout the world are getting awareness about yoga, its significance and benefits. The United Nations theme for this year’s International Day of Yoga was “Yoga For Peace”.



Yoga Day in Surrey was celebrated jointly by Vishwa and ICA Vancouver on Friday, June 22, at Surrey City Hall. The event was supported by City of Surrey and the Consulate General of India, Vancouver. Abha Gosai, Indian Consul for Culture, addressed the attendees and congratulated them as well as the organizers. MP Randeep Sarai, who himself practices yoga, also attended and provided a demonstration of Pranayama (Yoga Breathing). Various speakers spoke on different topics related to yoga and wellness such as “Yoga For Mental Health,” “Ancient Vedic Wisdom – Yoga and Health and Leadership,” etc.



Yoga Day in Abbotsford was celebrated jointly by Lotus Art Productions and ICA Vancouver on Saturday, June 23 at the Historic Gur Sikh Temple, a national Historic Site. The session was lead by certified yoga instructor Tarana Kaur. President of ICA Vancouver, Neeraj Kumar, led the Pranayama part. It was a humble beginning this year, Kusum Soni of Lotus Art Production aims to make it a big event in Abbotsford next year.



Yoga Day in Burnaby was celebrated by ICA Vancouver on Sunday, June 24. The yoga session was led by Tarana Kaur. The yoga session ended with relaxation and laughter led by Neeraj Kumar. Aravindhan Ravindran and Laxmi from Heartfulness Meditation Vancouver let the group experience the guided meditation.  ICA Vancouver also organized a free kids’ yoga session which was lead by a certified children’s yoga instructor from Kids loved this session and ICA Vancouver is planning to organize more yoga sessions for kids in future.


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