Jagmeet Singh calls on Trudeau to reverse cuts to help for people

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on Thursday called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to get back to work before November 22 and reverse his decision to take away help for Canadians to get through the pandemic in the middle of the fourth wave.

“Families across the country, particularly in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories, are struggling right now – the pandemic isn’t over. Just because there are no longer lock downs across the country doesn’t mean everything is back to normal. There are so many people who are still unable to return to work or provide for their families because of the pandemic,” said Singh.

“Justin Trudeau said he would have Canadians’ backs for as long as it took but he gave only 48 hours’ notice before slashing the help they depend on. They deserve much better than that.”

Singh noted that at least 900,000 people discovered last week that their benefits would be eliminated and replaced with a patchwork solution, but details still need to be released and it’s unclear if those people would even be eligible. New Democrats have committed to push to extend help for people like the CRB (Canada Recovery Benefit) until we are no longer in a pandemic.

“In the past week, we’ve heard from hundreds of Canadians across the country who are devastated by the Liberal government’s decision to cut their support. Some people are facing eviction from their homes, others are afraid they can’t afford enough food for their families. These are not choices people should have to face,” said Singh.

“Justin Trudeau needs to recall Parliament and get help these people. And New Democrats are going to keep pushing him to actually keep his campaign promise to be there for Canadians and deliver the help they desperately need.”