Jagmeet Singh pitches pharmacare and dental care: Boost for small businesses

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was in Hamilton, Onytario, on Thursday sharing highlights of his plan to support small businesses and workers with dental coverage and universal pharmacare.

“Right now, too many small business owners are forced to choose between unaffordable private insurance, or not providing benefits to their staff. Liberal and Conservative governments have forced small business owners to make this impossible choice and it’s completely unfair,” said Singh. “We’ll help small business owners and their employees get the health care they need – making life more affordable and keeping people healthy.”

While the Liberals have had more than 850 meetings with lobbyists from big pharma and insurance companies, they have done nothing to help Canadians struggling with the high cost of prescription drugs and have closed the door on help with dental care. Justin Trudeau chooses to help the wealthiest corporations instead of Canadians, giving $12 million to Loblaws for fridges. New Democrats have a plan to bring help to small businesses and their employees right now – with universal pharmacare and dental benefits for the uninsured starting in 2020.

“The Liberals are working for huge corporations and the Conservatives cut services people need – we can do a better job of taking care of people. Small business owners I talk to want employees to have the prescription drug coverage and dental care they need. When we have the courage to do what’s right – everyone benefits,” added Singh.

Besides providing expanded health care coverage to employees, Singh also pledged to keep the small business tax rate steady at 9% as part of his plan to support small businesses.

Quick Facts:

  • A small business could easily spend approximately $1,600 in insurance premiums per employee each year for prescription drug and dental care coverage. [1]
  • Poor oral health hurts small businesses: over 4 million working days a year are lost because of dental problems. [2]
  • Under the NDP’s Denticare plan, a family of four that has a household income of $70,000 or less would save at least $1,240 if they received the recommended dental examinations and cleanings in a single year, and if each child was treated for a single cavity.
  • Our dental care plan will cost approximately $830 million per year. [3]
  • We will contribute $10 billion per year for a national pharmacare program. [4]
  • The small business tax rate is currently 9%. It was reduced to this rate in January 2019.