Kenney appointed National Defence Minister, keeps multiculturalism portfolio; Nicholson new Foreign Affairs Minister

Stephen Harper (right) with Jason Kenney.  PMO photos by Jason Ransom
Stephen Harper (right) with Jason Kenney.   PMO photos by Jason Ransom

JASON Kenney was appointed Minister of National Defence on Monday in place of Rob Nicholson who was appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, following the abrupt resignation of John Baird last week.

Kenney will retain the multiculturalism portfolio, signaling that he remains Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s key outreach person to ethnic communities.

The government announced that Kenney “will continue the Government’s work to defend our values, interests and sovereignty at home and around the world. He will also continue promoting Canada’s cultural heritage and the ability of all Canadians to integrate into Canadian society and take an active part in its social, cultural, economic and political affairs.”

Stephen Harper (right) with Rob Nicholson.  
Stephen Harper (right) with Rob Nicholson.

Pierre Poilievre was appointed Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Democratic Reform.

The government said that he “will continue the Government’s efforts to help ensure that Canadians are well prepared to participate fully in the labour market of the future. He will also continue the Government’s work to further strengthen government accountability.” He will also serve as the Minister responsible for the National Capital Commission.

“Our Government is delivering real results for Canadians by growing the economy, making communities safer, and standing up for Canadian values at home and abroad. The changes to the Ministry announced today will help ensure that key portfolios continue to have the strong leadership required to advance Canadian priorities,” said Harper.