John McCallum Begins National Tour on Immigration & Citizenship Issues

John McCallum, the Liberal Critic for Citizenship and Immigration, began his national tour consulting with Canadians on the Immigration system.

“The event was a great success,” said Mr. McCallum. “Justin Trudeau appointed me at the Liberal Party’s Citizenship and Immigration Critic last fall and has given me the mandate to consult with Canadians about what they expect from their immigration system.”

The national consultation tour will see Mr. McCallum travel across the country to speak with Canadians and hear firsthand about their experiences with the immigration and visa system.

“What I heard was crystal clear,” continued Mr. McCallum. “Our immigration system is not transparent and is full of delays. Residents of my riding are looking for a system that will respond to the needs of our economy while ensuring that families remain one of our central focuses.”

Delays in visa processing are unfairly separating families during important life events, such as funerals or weddings. These delays also have a negative effect on the tourism industry. Delays in the family reunification system also mean that families are left wondering if they will ever see their parents and grandparents again.

“Day after day, I see cases in my office where families have been unfairly separated by a system that is slow and full of red tape,” concluded Mr. McCallum. “This needs to change. I look forward to hearing fresh ideas from Canadians across this country on how we can do this better.”