Student Leaders To Advise Govt On Erase Bullying Strategy

Want to help stop bullying? Engage students and give them a say in bullying prevention efforts.

Twelve students from around B.C. will be selected to provide advice and insight to Premier Christy Clark and Education Minister Peter Fassbender on the provincial ERASE Bullying strategy.

The students also will act as ambassadors of change for their regional schools and districts to ensure safe learning environments. They will gather the views of students and act as representatives in their role as liaisons to the government.

The ERASE Student Advisory’s first task will be to develop social media guidelines for school districts. These will provide direction for students, parents and educators on how to use social media ethically and responsibly. Two adult subject-matter experts will be available to support the students in developing the guidelines.

Students for the advisory will be selected based on the applications they submit to their school district. Interested students should contact their district safe school co-ordinator to learn how to apply. School principals and administrative staff will have the information on how to contact safe school co-ordinators. The deadline to apply is Feb. 10, 2014.

In June 2012, Premier Christy Clark launched ERASE Bullying (Expect Respect And a Safe Education) to help prevent, identify and stop harmful behaviours by children and adults – whether online, at school or in the community.