Justin Trudeau is nickel and diming Canadians to death, say Conservatives

Rona Ambrose

RONA Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition and interim Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, slammed the Liberal Party’s Budget 2017, stating: “Conservatives are the voice of taxpayers and we won’t stay silent while Justin Trudeau nickel and dimes Canadians to death. The Liberal Government’s budget raises taxes on families, businesses, workers and students.”

Ambrose said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “already announced his intention to raise taxes on gasoline and home heating. Now, Justin Trudeau is planning to squeeze more out of Canadians.”

She added: “Instead of limiting his out-of-control spending, the Prime Minister wants to borrow billions more to pay for his expensive promises. Justin Trudeau already broke his promise to limit deficit spending to $10 billion per year and to balance the budget by 2019.

“Sadly, Liberal buzzword innovation programs won’t help the vast majority of Canadian workers and businesses who now face much more intense competition from a low-cost, low-tax United States.

“The Liberal economic plan isn’t working for ordinary, hardworking people and Justin Trudeau’s priorities are not the priorities of Canadians.

“Superclusters and venture capital catalysts do nothing for the hairdresser in Timmins, Ontario,  who is feeling ignored by the Liberal Prime Minister.

“Budget 2016 did not grow the economy and failed to create the jobs it promised.  Conservatives expect Budget 2017 will be no different.”