Justin Trudeau presents Liberal plan for “real change”

NEWS TRUDEAUFEDERAL Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau on Tuesday presented what he claimed was a plan “to restore openness and transparency to government.”

Trudeau said: “After 10 years under Stephen Harper, Ottawa is broken. This is a comprehensive plan to fix it. This is real change. Our plan builds on measures we have already implemented – like the proactive disclosure of parliamentarians’ expenses and removing Senators from the Liberal Caucus – but it also moves far beyond them. It is a sweeping agenda for change at the heart of which is a simple idea: transparent government is good government.”

The Liberal plan will raise the bar on transparency and accountability, and modernize the way government works, by implementing measures, including but not limited to:

* requiring that government data and information is open by default;

* giving Canadians a voice in Ottawa by allowing more independence for Members of Parliament and government watchdogs;

* ending partisanship in the Senate;

* ensuring open and fair elections by moving forward with electoral reform;

* strengthening Elections Canada and banning partisan government advertising;

* making evidence-based decisions on programs and policies;

* providing better and more timely services to Canadians with a more inclusive and engaging policy-making process; and including an equal number of women and men in a Liberal Cabinet.

Trudeau said: “Canadians have heard enough talk. They want to see real changes implemented, not just promised in order to obtain votes. With this comprehensive plan, Liberals will shed new light on government and ensure that it is focused on the people it is meant to serve: Canadians.”