Kevin Falcon supported Maxime Bernier’s racist leadership campaign: NDP

KEVIN Falcon’s decision to back Maxime Bernier for Prime Minister shows he’s not suited to lead a diverse province like BC, says BC NDP MLA Aman Singh.

Falcon endorsed Bernier for Conservative Leader in 2017, at the same time that Bernier was championing an extremist immigration policy that stoked racist views in his party and the public.

Singh noted that earlier this week, we learned that Bernier reportedly described Jagmeet Singh’s turban as “a rag,” a derogatory term often used by racists to describe Sikh turbans.

“Maxime Bernier is known for his dangerous anti-immigrant views, and Kevin Falcon tried to help him become the Prime Minister,” said Singh. “How can Falcon lead a province as diverse as BC?”

Aman Singh

Bernier’s policy attacked immigrants for practicing their culture: “Immigrants are expected to integrate in our society, not to live in ghettos and try to replicate the way of life of their country of origin in Canada.” He warned of the “dangers” of immigration and promised to reduce it by 50,000 people a year.

Two months later, Falcon described Bernier as “a guy with ideas” and raised $130,000 for his campaign.

“At the same time Maxime Bernier was pushing anti-immigrant ideas that hurt people, Kevin Falcon was trying to make him Prime Minister,” said Singh. “If Kevin Falcon had succeeded, Canada would have a Prime Minister who thinks a Sikh turban is a rag.”

“At a time when racism is on the rise, it’s clear that Kevin Falcon can’t be trusted to lead British Columbia.”