Kay Khilvinder Hale: Conservative candidate for Richmond-Queensborough


KAY Khilvinder Hale, a realtor who works mainly in Richmond, is the B.C. Conservative Party candidate in Richmond-Queensborough.

The multilingual (English, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi and elementary Mandarin) candidate, who has been residing in Richmond for almost three decades, was born in Hong Kong and is of Indian decent. She is a wife and a mother, and a grandmother of four, all born in Canada.

She was an owner operator of a management consultancy firm in Hong Kong and London. And since 2007, she has been a licensed realtor with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver.

“The endorsement of a fine candidate with deep family values, private-sector work experience and lots of community involvement is another sign that the B.C. Conservative Party will be competitive in numerous constituencies around the province,” said Corbin Mitchell, President of the party.

Kay attended elementary school in Hong Kong and completed her formal education in London, U.K.. She earned an MBA from Hong Kong University in 1976.   Her father, a British subject, served during World War II in Hong Kong and was a POW during the Japanese occupation.   Along with her seven siblings, she grew up in a cosmopolitan environment in Hong Kong. She spent three years in India to learn the Punjabi and Hindi language.

Kay says that one of the reasons to run for the BC Conservatives has to do with the hardships faced by low income seniors.  “The BC Conservatives have an innovative approach to one of the hardships – hospital parking fees – which has been a pet peeve of mine in recent years. A patient doesn’t choose to go to the hospital for fun, they have to go due to some serious illness and it is not fair to make the pay for parking fee,” she explains.

* An MLA must represent the concerns of their constituents and the general failure of elected politicians to deliver in this area is a big reason why the voting rate is so low

* On the Massey Tunnel or bridge debate, she is advocating for more public input on this decision.  The concerns raised by Richmond about this project have continually been ignored throughout the consultation and assessment process.

* Putting such a large bridge in the middle of Richmond and Delta is going to destroy a lot of blueberry and cranberry farmland. Plus local small farmers will also lose their land thanks to expropriation by the government.

* We need more recreation centres and homes for Indian language seniors, besides local English speaking community centres.

“With good grassroots people like Khilvinder Hale coming forward to run for us, our prospects are looking better and better and that is a good thing for the province too,” said Mitchell.

For further information, contact Kay Hale at 778-888-0388 or kkth@shaw.ca   www.kayhale.ca