Lack of action from Liberals on MindGeek/Pornhub hurting women around the world: Federal NDP

“Most of the Indian women used on Pornhub don’t even know the videos of their rapes are being sold for profit worldwide”


THE federal NDP’s Critic for Ethics, Charlie Angus (MP for Timmins-James Bay), was joined in a press conference by a group of international feminist activists warning that the Liberals’ failure to address the depictions of non-consensual assault on platforms like MindGeek/Pornhub has serious implications for exploitation of vulnerable women internationally.

They called on Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to recognize their international obligations to protect women in the global south who are being targeted for sexual violence and exploitation.

“The Liberals have failed to hold companies like MindGeek/Pornhub to their legal obligations regarding child abuse and non-consensual videos of sexual violence.” said Angus. “The implications are global. Why do the Liberals always protect web giants and big corporations to the detriment of everyday people?”

The NDP said the Liberal government has let victims down by failing to take address serious allegations of abuse being hosted by this massive web giant. This is resulting in widespread exploitation of women and young people. It said that Canadians deserve a government that will fight to protect women from sexual violence and online exploitation. The Liberal government has not shown that they are able or willing to do that.

Vaishnavi Sundar, a feminist activist from India, said: “Wealthy countries are the main consumers of ‘real’ women pornography. Most of the Indian women used on Pornhub don’t even know the videos of their rapes are being sold for profit worldwide.”

Sundar is a writer, filmmaker and women’s rights activist from the south of India who has campaigned for women’s sex-based rights. She is the country contact for the Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC).

“Canada has become a gross human rights violator of women and girls worldwide, as it fails to prevent and prosecute the occurrence of wrongful acts on MindGeeks porn platforms.” said Dr. Gail Dines, a Professor Emerita of Sociology and Women’s Studies. She is the President of Culture Reframed, a non-profit organization dedicated to building resilience and resistance in young people to the harms of online exploitation.

The NDP said it will continue to fight so that women, girls and vulnerable members of society are protected from exploitation.