ON February 1, 2 and 3 members of the BC Liberal party will elect the new leader of the party, and I’m hoping for your support.

As BC Liberals we need to ask ourselves: what kind of future do we want for our Party and for our province?

I want a BC Liberal Party that connects with people, builds livable communities, creates opportunities and ignites hope for the future.

I want our Party to offer something to British Columbians that they can connect with and support, something that impacts their lives in a direct and positive way, beyond just triple-A credit ratings.

Like a growing number of BC Liberals across the province, I do not believe we can go into the next election led by voices from the past. We need a fresh start.

I also believe that our free enterprise platform needs to be built by, and belong to, all of us, not just the leader, or a select few.

New leadership is key to facing those challenges, and winning the next election.

So, I am asking for your support, and your vote, on February 1-3 to build a new BC Liberal Party, one that will deliver on the promise of an even better BC for you and your family.



  1. ….no voices from past eh???? BUT you no doubt will be happy to have them in your cabinet eh? where they can do more damage????????

  2. No there is no guarantee that the old will be in the cabinet that is pure speculation. Fresh faces fresh voices new people brand new government with a great leader Dianne Watts

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