Liberal MLA Jas Johal slams NDP performance

ONLY 18 per cent of British Columbians think the B.C Premier is doing a good job handling the Coastal GasLink project and protest blockades according to a new poll which capped off a terrible week for John Horgan and the NDP, note the BC Liberals.

“On top of his terrible new poll numbers, John Horgan has had to deal with several missteps from his MLAs, a minister going off the deep end, and his Surrey colleagues getting caught in a lie about funding for a second hospital,” said Jas Johal, MLA for Richmond-Queensborough, on Monday. “Not to mention the crowd of protesters at the Legislature who have forced ‘the people’s house’ to shut its doors to the public for the longest time in its history. Now John Horgan has lost his audience for his daily stand-up comedy routine.”

The last week of February started off with NDP Attorney General David Eby being condemned by the media for his blatant politicization of, and interference in, the serious issue of money laundering in Canada — and it all went downhill from there. The NDP’s week reached new depths when Surrey MLA Jagrup Brar, incensed at being called out for claiming a second hospital would be built in Surrey without providing any funding for it, lashed out at the BC Liberals by quoting Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels in the Legislature, say the BC Liberals.

“Clearly the NDP never expected anyone to actually read the lengthy budget documents so they could get away with promising an entire new hospital to Surrey without providing any money at all,” added Johal. “As soon as we exposed their Surrey swindle, the NDP couldn’t help but fly off the handle. Surrey residents deserve better.”

Also part of John Horgan’s “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week,” according to the BC Liberals:

  • A failed attempt at time travel:
    • Minister [Shane] Simpson tried to credit a 2019 NDP plan for a 2018 reduction in poverty numbers
  • North Vancouver MLA Bowinn Ma’s repeated missteps:
    • She described the demise of Vancouver-based company Teck’s Frontier energy project as “the turning point we desperately need”
    • She also suggested the ICBC dumpster fire should be extended as a solution to the strata insurance crisis
  • Ghosts from the past:
    • The public learned the same career protester who blockaded the West Coast Express was previously glad-handed by John Horgan who promised him a friendly “sit down” when campaigning in Maple Ridge
  • MLAs going rogue:
    • Nanaimo MLA Sheila Malcolmson said she “celebrated” the pipeline protests
    • Kootenay MLA Katrine Conroy encouraged the pipeline protests

“The cracks are starting to show and John Horgan is losing control of his NDP caucus just one week after the 2020 budget failed to deliver on key promises,” said Johal. “With 23 new or increased taxes and British Columbia becoming more and more unaffordable under John Horgan, it’s no surprise that his NDP colleagues are starting to feel the pressure. People deserve leadership and concrete action and they’re simply not seeing it with this government.”