Life Coach Deepak Manchanda Coming To Vancouver

deepak manchanda

After conducting successful clinics in Toronto area, motivational speaker and life coach Deepak Manchanda is now planning to hold similar sessions in Vancouver and Surrey as well.

Manchanda stretched the limits of his vocation in his last successful seminar on Couple Empowerment, which was attended by more than 50 people and was held on Saturday July 6 at Airport Bukhara restaurant (Toronto), Deepak livened up the proceedings with a module on yoga, music and entertainment. Urging couples to take the effort to experience a new consciousness together, Deepak introduced the audience to Yoga exercises which a couple could practice and explore each other physically, mentally and spiritually. The demonstration was done by Yoga teacher Sandeep Tyagi and Heather McCarrol from Freedom Yoga.

At the seminar Deepak explained the evolution of couples over the ages and addressed common issues that couples face in today’s life. He said physicality is one of the important aspects of relationship between a couple and when one is not able to share desires and passion, they will never discover true love.

He shared couples his successful recipes to 15 different issues which has been part of his own relationship for the last 25 years. Deepak said, “… as any other couple we have been through hard times, we experienced all that any other couple will go through. But then one day we asked ourselves, ‘Do we want to grow old together?’ and that changed our lives as like most people we can’t think of anyone else with whom to grow old.” We too learn everyday and grow.

He said couples need to stay in moral boundaries which could be achieved only with honesty, which eventually builds trust in relationships.

He advocates that couple has to be friends first, lovers second and then a spouse. Relationships are build over the years. Forgive and be forgiven is the only key. Life together is easy than life alone and one needs to fight to save marriage, not to see who wins. Only a complete surrender by seeing God in each other will make relationships work.”

“I want to make my seminar as an experience rather just a seminar,”. “Yoga and Music is an important act in our life through which one could potentially attain oneness with the higher consciousness and I will make window for Yoga and Spiritual music in my seminars, which will facilitate attendee to understand their true self to live all aspects of life with complete intelligence.

Deepak believes that this life is a continuous journey of finding perfect version of self by learning from our experiences. He also shared his secret of handling most problems in 7 easy steps.

Along with corporate offices, community centre and schools, Deepak wants to make room for his customized seminars in restaurants and bigger venues on weekends to offer a way to reduce stress along with other entertaining stress reducing functions.

Even after working for 21 years in large corporation in Canada, Middle East and India, Deepak still considers emotional intelligence based on values, ethics and morals is equally important along with business and logical skills to stay on the path of success for a very long time else success will be short and forgetful.

10 public seminars in almost each city in Greater Toronto Area, 7 Seminars at big corporations and 6 weeks of radio programs for 30 minutes at FM 101.3. Deepak has done it all in less than 8 months.

Currently, he’s helping young entrepreneurs and corporate to balance work pressure, to reduce employees stress for better efficiency. He wants to empower people across world as life coach to align lives by sharing what he has learnt and experienced in his life. “I will keep doing this as my contribution to the community for sharing information and knowledge beyond obvious to enjoy this greatest blessing of God to us,” the Life Coach concluded.