Andrew Weaver: “Once-in-a-lifetime chance to do politics differently”

Andrew Weaver (centre)
Photo by Vinnie Combow

ANDREW Weaver, Leader of the B.C. Green caucus, congratulating Premier John Horgan and his Cabinet on their swearing-in on Tuesday, pointed out: “This minority government is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do politics differently in British Columbia. We have an historic opportunity to put partisan politics aside and work together across party lines to advance good public policy that is in the best interests of British Columbians.

“For far too long, the B.C. Legislature has been mired in a combative, hyper-partisan status quo. The new government’s challenge will be to not just talk about doing things differently, but to actually put the good of British Columbians ahead of political calculation.

“As an opposition caucus, the B.C. Greens look forward to working with our colleagues on both sides of the house to advance solutions to the challenges facing our province.”