Low-income Canadians do pay taxes, they can’t afford Trudeau: Scheer

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau.

CONSERVATIVE Party Leader Andrew Scheer on Tuesday slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for saying that low-income Canadians don’t pay taxes.

Scheer said: “For the last several days, Conservatives have made a convincing argument that Justin Trudeau will raise taxes if he’s re-elected in October. Today, he made that point even more clear.

“In Question Period, in response to a Conservative question about why he cancelled tax credits for families, he said ‘low-income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes’

“Not only is this factually wrong – anybody who earns more than $11,809 a year, well below the poverty line, is eligible to pay income taxes, gas taxes, payroll tax and GST – it shows just how little he understands about Canadians and their day-to-day lives.

“Thousands and thousands of low-income Canadians do pay their taxes and barely make ends meet as it is. They would benefit from tax breaks and did benefit from the Conservative tax credits the Liberals cancelled. And they’re the ones who can least afford four more years of Justin Trudeau.

“If he truly believes low-income, working class Canadians don’t pay taxes, or don’t pay enough taxes, it’s only a matter of time before he comes after them for more.

“As we get closer to the next election, the choice before Canadians is becoming clear. Conservatives want to give low-income Canadians a break. Justin Trudeau believes they don’t even pay taxes.”


  1. Well sure everyone pays GST but most low income citizens are eligible for the GST rebates.
    Trudeau was referring to INCOME tax only and tax breaks do not benefit anyone earning less than that magic 11,809 amount. I know from experience.
    So scheer is just trying to make political points by fudging what was said to fit his agenda.

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