Majority of Canadians say at least 75% should be vaccinated at home before Canada-U.S. border re-opens

Half say Trudeau has handled pandemic well, highest level since January


AS tens of millions of vaccinated Canadians begin to re-imagine a post pandemic life, caution and concern remain a significant part of their psyches, especially when it comes to issues of unsealing the land border this country shares with the United States.

A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds the vast majority (69%) would wait until at least three-quarters of this country has been fully vaccinated before welcoming Americans across the line for non-essential travel – the threshold floated by the Trudeau government.

Tellingly, a plurality (38%) say they would wait until more than 75% of Canadians have been fully vaccinated before allowing U.S. visitors.

By contrast, one-in-five (22%) say that the government is taking too much time and should open the border right away. This group is led by people who travelled frequently before the pandemic.

As for the timing of the Trudeau government’s decision to drop quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians returning home from abroad, slightly more than half (54%) say that this change – implemented in early July – is well-timed. Close to equal numbers take opposite positions, however, with one-fifth saying Ottawa waited too long to implement the change (21%), and one-quarter saying the decision was too rushed (25%).


More Key Findings:
* Half of Canadians (50%) now say Prime Minister Trudeau has done a good job of handling the pandemic. This is the highest mark since January. Forty-six per cent say he has done a poor job
* Personal concern over becoming ill with COVID-19 has dropped to 47 per cent. This is the lowest level since June 2020
* Canadians overwhelming feel that the worst of the negative health impacts from the pandemic have passed; just 12 per cent disagree. A much larger group, 28 per cent, say that the worst economic effects are still ahead, though 72 per cent feel the worst of this has passed as well


  1. This is ridiculous! Trudeau wants everyone fully vaccinated, so we did our part and got fully vaccinated. Now, rules are changing AGAIN! Even though we got fully vaccinated, Trudeau seems to be still dragging his heels about letting us cross the border. We have relatives, ELDERLY relatives, we need to see before it’s too late. We’ve waited long enough! “Polls say majority of Canadians want 75% fully vaccinated”. What polls? Did they ask everyone or just an elite group?
    Watch it..the elections are coming! Ask ALL of us what we think!

    • You obviously are NOT part of the 69% of Canadians who do NOT want the border re-opened until at least 75% are vaccinated!

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