McCallum says Safe Surrey Coalition will protect giant coastal sequoia tree

SURREY Mayor Doug McCallum on Monday said that he has heard the public loud and clear and will ensure that a majestic redwood tree at 133 Street and 104 Avenue will be protected.

In a statement, McCallum said: “Safe Surrey Coalition has received over 10,000 signatures to protect a huge coastal sequoia tree in the City Centre from development.

“Since 2013, a contentious public debate has ensued regarding a giant coastal redwood tree located on 133 Street and 104 Avenue which has been slated to be torn down by a developer for a development proposal.

“During our term, Safe Surrey Coalition has made it a priority to protect our urban canopy and has been taking strong action to fight climate change. I have heard the public loud and clear and when this proposal appears before Council, I will ensure that this development proposal will not move forward unless the developer guarantees that this majestic redwood tree will be saved.

“Surrey has been recognized by the United Nations as a tree city and caring for our urban forest is a vital step to fighting climate change and achieving our vision of being a thriving, green and inclusive City for future generations.”


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