Minister Jinny Sims allegedly circumvented freedom of information laws: B.C. Liberals

Mary Polak

MARY Polak, BC Liberal Opposition House Leader, in a statement on Monday said that they were “learning of new allegations against John Horgan’s Minister responsible for the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.”

Polak said: “After already breaking the rules and apologizing last year – promising to be more diligent in the future – these fresh allegations suggest Jinny Sims continues to avoid her government email or phone and instead uses her private email and WhatsApp to communicate official government business.

Jinny Sims
Official photo

“It appears that Sims continues to circumvent the very laws she is charged with overseeing by avoiding the disclosure of her government business to the public.

“Equally concerning is that the Premier’s Office was made aware of these allegations in March 2019 and to date we have heard nothing from his office.

“The people have a right to access government information and John Horgan needs tell British Columbians what he knew and when.”