Defence Minister Sajjan says he’s aware of threatening video to man who shot video of him spitting out cherry pits

Harjit Sajjan

THE RCMP needs to take seriously threats that the man who shot the video of Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan spitting out cherry pits has been receiving.

Sajjan told Global BC that he is aware of the cyber bullying that shopkeeper Pamma Chauhan has been subjected to and claimed that he’s been advising the hotheads to keep their cool.

Global BC showed a video that purported to show the shopkeeper being kicked mercilessly by a large group of males as he lay on the ground.

However, the shopkeeper told Global BC that he was not the man in the video, but said that he had been receiving all kinds of threats because of the video he shot of Sajjan. He appeared pretty scared.

Sajjan, who was in Osoyoos on vacation in July when the spitting incident was shot, was invited by the local community to Oliver’s Bhav Sagar Sikh Temple where the Sikh community apologized to Sajjan for what the shopkeeper had done because it brought reproach on one of their leaders. The shopkeeper also apologized.

But Sajjan said that it was not their fault but his. “It was my mistake,” he repeated a few times. “We are all human beings,” he noted.

He said that there should be no ill-will towards Chauhan as “it was ultimately my fault.”

However, it seems some people are still out to get the shopkeeper.

In fact, even this reporter received nasty emails when I reported about the spitting incident, but most of them turned out to be fake email addresses when tested.

One email called me a “f—ing Hindu,” but that turned out to be a genuine email and I replied that I was in any case a CHRISTIAN and that I was reporting it to the police. The police advised me to keep the email for reference.





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