Sajjan admits mistake and apologizes, video shooter also regrets his action



DEFENCE Minister Harjit Sajjan has apologized for the cherry stones littering incident that had gone viral on social media.

The video shooter, shopkeeper Pamma Chauhan, also apologized for his behaviour.

(Chauhan also phoned in to Radio MediaWaves in Surrey on Wednesday morning saying that he got angry when he saw someone throwing out cherry stones from his vehicle and only later realized that he was Sajjan. He said he should not have spoken rudely to Sajjan. He said he made a mistake to send out the video and had requested all his friends to delete it. He had also phoned Sajjan to apologize and had then sent a letter of apology to him. The local gurdwara authorities also phoned in to say that there was great anger in the community at Chauhan’s video and people wanted to beat him up. Sajjan reportedly advised them to calm down.)

The reconciliation took place at the local gurdwara.

“I love Osoyoos cherries” – Sajjan

Sajjan, who was in Osoyoos on vacation, was invited by the local community to Oliver’s Bhav Sagar Sikh Temple where the reconciliation took place. The leaders of the local community also apologized to Sajjan.

But Sajjan said that it was not their fault but his. “It was my mistake,” he repeated a few times. “We are all human beings,” he noted.

He said that there should be no ill-will towards Chauhan as “it was ultimately my fault.”


Sajjan also pointed out that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was for multiculturalism and had honoured the community by giving high posts to him, Navdeep Bains, Amarjeet Sohi and Bardish Chagger. He said the community should stand united and be proud of its achievements.

Sajjan’s humble stance won him more support.

The gurdwara management and the congregation honoured him on the occasion.

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