MP Nina Grewal Urges Canadians to Get Tested for Colon Cancer

“Do not make the same mistake my father made!” says MP Nina Grewal. Fleetwood-Port Kells MP Nina Grewal highlighted the importance of testing for colon cancer in her speech in the House of Commons today. Having lost her father to colon cancer in October, Ms Grewal urged all Canadians over the age of fifty to get tested.

“Last month my father lost his fight with cancer,” said Ms. Grewal. “He had colon cancer, which had then spread to his liver and lungs. He fought the disease bravely, but had discovered it when it was too advanced. Like too many other Canadians, my father had not been screened for colon cancer,” stated Ms. Grewal.

Colorectal cancer, more commonly referred to as colon cancer, is one of the top diagnosed cancers in Canada. The National Cancer Institute of Canada ranks it as the third most common occurring cancer among Canadians. Research shows that it accounts for 1 in 8 of all cancer deaths in Canada, resulting in over nine thousand deaths every year.

“Colon cancer is slow-growing, highly detectable, and 90 percent preventable if detected early,” remarked Ms. Grewal. “But, like my father, nearly half of those diagnosed find out too late.”

“I urge all Canadians to be vigilant and get tested regularly. If not for you, then for your family.

Do not make the same mistake my father made!” concluded Ms. Grewal.