ONTARIO: Multicultural Community Capacity Grant

IN honour of Multicultural Day on June 27, the Ontario government recently announced the Multicultural Community Capacity Grant (MCCG). Not-for-profit organizations have until August 1 to apply.

This new grant will build diverse and inclusive communities by enhancing the ability of newcomers and ethno-cultural groups to participate fully in the civic, cultural, and social and economic life of Ontario.

Multiculturalism has long been an important part of our heritage as both Ontarians and as Canadians. This new program will provide support to newcomer and multicultural organizations to implement projects, focusing on the areas of:

o          Civic engagement

o          Social connections

o          Education and empowerment

o          Women’s empowerment

o          Capacity building and partnerships

Visit ontario.ca/multiculturalgrants for full program details, including eligibility criteria and application forms.