Name change bill promotes equality and fairness: MLA Polak

BC Liberal House Leader and Langley MLA Mary Polak is re-introduced a bill on Wednesday that would allow married British Columbians to combine or hyphenate their surnames free of charge — as is currently the practice for those who take their spouse’s name.

“British Columbians can easily take their spouse’s last name after marriage but the same is not true for those who wish to combine or hyphenate their names,” said Polak. “Instead, they must navigate through the red tape of a formal name-change process which costs everyone time and money.”

First introduced last year, but not called for debate by the NDP government, Polak is bringing the Name Amendment Act back to the floor of the Legislature with the hopes of modernizing the outdated name change process, one that often disproportionately impacts women.

“As we continue working towards a truly equal society for all British Columbians, I want to put forward suggestions that will actually do that. This is a very small change that can have a significant positive impact for families in British Columbia,” added Polak. “This proposed legislation reflects the realities of modern relationships and family structures in our province and I hope the government will consider adopting it.”