NCCM disappointed after Brampton teacher suspended for only six months after blatant racism

Martin Bonello had stated to a student, “I don’t want you to blow up my class. No Afghanis in here!”

THE National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) said on Thursday that it is greatly disappointed after the Ontario College of Teachers made the decision to only suspend Martin Gaeton Bonello, a construction technology teacher in the Peel District School Board, for a period of six months after making racist remarks towards a student. 
Peel Region includes Brampton and Mississauga where there is a huge population of South Asians. 

“The fact that Mr. Bonello was only suspended for six months sends the wrong message,” said NCCM’s Executive Director Mustafa Farooq. “The reality is that Mr. Bonello’s remarks devastated the student. The student stated that he reported feeling like an ‘invisible person sitting in class.’ The fact that a teacher can racially abuse a student, and only face a slap on the wrist, is an insult to the notion of safe and inclusive classrooms.” 

Given that the College has revoked teaching licenses before based on sexist and racist remarks, the NCCM said it was disappointed with the decision made in this case. 

The NCCM regularly conducts trainings on inclusive classrooms, including in Peel District School Board.