NDP attacks BC Liberal leadership hopeful Michael Lee on abortion and 2SLGBTQ+ rights

BC Liberal leadership candidate Michael Lee’s views on reproductive choice and SOGI are out of step with most British Columbians, the NDP said on Thursday. (Lee officially announced his bid for the BC Liberal leadership on Wednesday).

The NDP said that during the 2017 BC Liberal Leadership race and throughout his career, Lee has taken positions that threaten people’s rights.

  • When he last ran for BC Liberal leader in 2017, he was endorsed by anti-abortion group Right Now, which actively campaigns to restrict abortion access.
  • Lee told the group there should be more restrictions on abortions, and that policies should be changed to force parental consent for minors.
  • He promised to allow free votes on abortion and medically assisted dying in the legislature.
  • He said “I know there are parents who are concerned” about sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) education and he promised to “require positive parental consent on curriculum and programming.”
  • He was one of 14 BC Liberal MLAs who spent public dollars advertising in an anti-2SLGBTQ+ magazine last year. Unlike several of his colleagues, he has not apologized.

Michael Lee also led the BC Liberal effort to oppose the switch to an Enhanced Care model at ICBC. He and his colleagues voted against saving British Columbians $400/year on their car insurance.

NDP MLA Grace Lore said: “Michael Lee’s views on abortion and 2SLGBTQ+ education are out of step with most British Columbians. His openness to anti-abortion and anti-SOGI policy would be another step backwards for the BC Liberals and would be a threat to people’s rights.”