Will pattern of offensive behaviour by NDP MLA Routledge have consequences?: BC Liberals

BURNABY North NDP MLA Janet Routledge may have apologized for her deeply offensive comments in the Legislature on Tuesday, but this isn’t the first time she has made such disturbing remarks, the BC Liberals noted on Wednesday.

Routledge compared the role and speech of the Official Opposition to the horrors of the Holocaust.

It turns out she made similarly vulgar comparisons in 2021, when she compared the Official Opposition to “Nazis,” the BC Liberals said.

“Not once, but twice has the NDP member for Burnaby North made these highly offensive comments,” said Michael Lee, MLA for Vancouver-Langara. “She may have apologized this time around, but given the gravity of her remarks and the pain they have caused, merely saying sorry doesn’t cut it.”

Lee says Premier David Eby must take the matter seriously and show there is no place for sentiments like these in the House.

“What MLA Routledge has asserted twice now is completely abhorrent, and the Premier cannot condone this pattern of behaviour,” added Lee. “Will Premier Eby show leadership and not only condemn these new remarks that have come to light but also remove her from her role as Parliamentary Secretary for Labour?”