NDP: BC Liberals lying about home equity tax and mobility pricing

THE BC NDP on Sunday said that with no plan to offer people on how they will help them through this pandemic, the BC Liberals have resorted to just making things up. 

It said that Premier John Horgan has clearly ruled out both a home equity tax and mobility pricing. 

On an equity tax: 

Host: “…John, are you planning a home-equity tax?”

Horgan: “We are absolutely not, Shelley we’re not planning that.”(CBC Daybreak Kamloops, Sept. 28 2020)

On mobility pricing: 

Wilkinson: “Are you prepared to commit right here right now that there will be no such road tax under any NDP government?”

Horgan: “I can commit to that right here, right now, Andrew, because you’re just pulling that out of thin air. That’s not part of our platform. It never has been and never will be.” (CKNW Radio Debate, Oct. 15, 2020)