NDP exposes Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

THE NDP said in Wednesday that when Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was asked about NDP leaflets being distributed in Vancouver Island, she said: “They’re flat out lies. And Mr. Singh when asked about them doubled down, and said ‘those are her words’. And I would challenge him: find me those words.” (Video)

The NDP then proceeded to point out the following:

Elizabeth May said “of course I could” support an Andrew Scheer minority government. She has confirmed this position on multiple occasions, including today. (CTV)

When asked directly if she would stop Green MPs from reopening the abortion debate, she said “I don’t have the power as leader of the Green Party to whip votes, nor do I have the power to silence an MP. And frankly I think that’s a good thing.” (CBC)

May continues to support free votes on abortion (and all other issues), despite numerous Green candidates making comments that are anti-abortionIslamophobic, and promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories.

May also claimed today that the leaflet misquoted her candidate Mark de Bruijn: “they quote one of our candidates, who doesn’t say what they say he said.”

The quote on the leaflet was first reported in the Powell River Peak:

“However, de Bruijn said the Greens might lower their emissions reduction target to 45 per cent if the party props up a minority government, something Green Party leader Elizabeth May said she is prepared to do, even if that means supporting Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.
““It may be a bit of a challenge to get there because of pretty entrenched ideological beliefs,” explained de Bruijn, “but Conservatives have some very good ideas. They are fiscally conservative, as are Greens. We have a lot in common with conservatives at their ideological core.””

After the 2015 election, the Green Party signed a compliance agreement with Elections Canada admitting they deliberately misled Victoria voters in a leaflet.