NDP: Falcon doubles down on six BC Liberal policies that hurt people

BC Liberal Party leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon’s attempt to distance himself from BC Liberal mistakes isn’t going well, said the NDP on Tuesday.

He kicked off his campaign by suggesting the BC Liberals made mistakes: “I think what’s important is you have the humility of acknowledging when you don’t do things well, and you try and do better.”

But the NDP noted that in the subsequent 14 hours, Falcon expressed support for six BC Liberal policies that people have rejected:

  1. Tolls on the Port Mann: Speaking to CKNW’s Mike Smyth, Falcon defended his decision to charge people $1,500 a year in tolls on the Port Mann Bridge, saying it was “the right thing to do.”
  2. Tax cuts for the top 1%:When Smyth asked Falcon if he would cut taxes for the wealthy, Falcon stood by the Campbell government’s decision to cut taxes for the highest income tax bracket.
  3. Service cuts: In response to an audio clip of former Minister George Abbott saying deep BC Liberal service cuts had hurt “the vulnerable and disadvantaged,” Falcon said “I disagree with him 100 per cent.”
  4. The HST: Falcon stands by his defence of the HST, which would have shifted taxes from corporations to people. He said: “I still happen to believe it’s the right taxation policy.”
  5. Keeping candidates with anti-LGBTQ+ views: When Smyth asked Falcon if he would block candidates who oppose rainbow crosswalks, Falcon made a vague (Wilkinson-like) statement about intolerance and then advocated for “protecting the Christian community for their beliefs. That means protecting other people that may have beliefs that may not be the most popular thing.”
  6. Eliminating the Speculation Tax: Falcon told the Vancouver Sun that he still opposes the Speculation and Vacancy Tax, which the CMHC has said added 11,000 rental units to the market.

Falcon’s full interview with Mike Smyth is available here. (May 18, 9:06 a.m.).