NDP: Horgan plans record investment in health and seniors care

THE BC NDP said on Tuesday that party leader John Horgan was back in the Tri-Cities to underscore the clear difference between his plan to improve health and seniors care through the pandemic and those of both the BC Liberals and Greens.

“British Columbians have a critical choice to make about who will lead us through the pandemic and towards a brighter future,” said Horgan. “Never has health care been more important than it is now. Unlike the other parties, our plan makes historic investments to keep seniors and families healthy and safe—especially while COVID-19 is still with us.”

Neither the BC Liberals or the Green Party have prioritized health care or seniors in their platforms, Horgan said. The BC NDP is planning to invest a record $2.3 billion more—in long-term care, urgent primary care centres, and hospitals across the province. The other parties are planning to spend less than half, at $1.1 billion.

“We’ve been through a lot together and we aren’t out of the woods yet,” said Horgan. “The pandemic will be here for the foreseeable future. This would be the worst possible time to go back to a government that cuts taxes for the wealthy or one that would underfund the care our seniors and families need right now.”

Horgan made the comments after talking with people in the Tri-Cities about the challenges seniors in long-term care are facing. He noted that the BC NDP government has made important changes to address understaffing and prevent outbreaks in care homes, but there is much more to do.

“Our plan continues to keep people healthy and secure by investing in things like thousands of new front-line workers for long-term care,” said Horgan. “In this campaign, people are telling me we need to keep BC moving forward. That’s what our plan does, and that’s my commitment to British Columbians.”