NDP inaction on Greyhound service leaves British Columbians stranded: B.C. Liberals

Andrew Wilkinson

AS Greyhound prepares to withdraw service from B.C., British Columbians seeking safe and reliable long-distance transportation will suffer from the NDP government’s inaction, say B.C. Liberals.

“This is totally unacceptable,” says Andrew Wilkinson, Leader of B.C.’s Official Opposition. “Seniors, students and families rely on those bus routes to travel between communities. We’re seeing a repeat of how the NDP previously handled Greyhound’s plans to reduce northern service— months of inaction, leading to a total loss of service.”

Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Peter Milobar says the news is a huge loss for Kamloops and area. He notes it’s never good to see a company leaving the Interior, much less one that provides such an important service for residents and visitors.

“The BC NDP can’t simply throw up their hands again and blame others,” says Milobar. “It’s their responsibility to provide safe and reliable transportation to British Columbians, and to find ways to reduce the added costs that are hampering transportation companies. It’s long past due for them to act on this important issue.”


  1. BC Liberal Caused the problem with Greyhound leaving – What did they do to stop it? & they have no plan to or even a suggestion of how BC can be served with reliable bus service Province Wide The reason the BC Liberals are out they made BC Un-Affordable with their corruption money laundering & tuning the BC Economy into a Casino Economy serving all the Liberals Rich Developers & Donors – Shameful

  2. Greyhound applied to the BC Libs six times to reduce service and nothing was done. Shame on them for now blaming the Horgan Government.

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