NDP MP Bonita Zarrillo’s Coquitlam office now part of a network of safe spaces

GLOBALLY, 1 in 3 women have experienced physical or sexual violence in their lifetimes (UN Women). Nationally, intimate partner violence is the most common kind of violence women experience (BC Government). Youth-led non-profits, BOLT Safety Society and For The Menstruator, together are growing a network of Safe Hubs to make the local community safer, and the office of MP Bonita Zarrillo has joined them.

“Today, Safe Hubs spans across 8 cities and 19 locations, and we are beyond thrilled to be welcoming Ms. Zarrillo’s Office onboard”, said BOLT Safety Executive Director Vedanshi Vala. “In essence, Safe Hubs are meant to be safe spaces where anyone whose personal safety is threatened can seek temporary refuge and have the mental and physical space needed to safely plan their next steps, be it calling the police, a crisis line, a shelter, or even accessing survivor-centric resources on BOLT Safety’s digital platform.”

The Safe Hubs digital map has been accessed over 2,900 times to date, speaking volumes to the need for this program in the local community. The Safe Hubs team says it is hopeful that seeing Zarrillo’s office step up as an ally will inspire other businesses to follow suit.

Safe Hubs may also serve as sites of access for essential items like menstrual hygiene products, which are part of an optional ‘Wellness Kit’ that is offered to all partners to keep on-site. The Safe Hubs team also provides a staff resource package to guide a survivor-centric response for users of the network. A March 4 Safe Hubs Open House hosted at  Zarrillo’s constituency office in Coquitlam gave community members a glimpse into the offerings of the Safe Hubs program.

“I am grateful to everyone at BOLT Safety for their tireless work. They are a federally-registered not-for-profit and I support their work of building safer and more equitable communities. I look forward to joining this vital network of safe spaces”, said Zarrillo.

Local businesses are invited to join the Safe Hubs network, and can get in touch with the team via email at safehubs@boltsafety.org

BOLT Safety Society is a federally registered, youth-led not-for-profit working towards ending violence, harassment, and abuse. For The Menstruator is a youth-led non-profit working towards a world of menstrual equity.

Website: boltsafety.org/safehubs

Social Media: @boltsafety and @forthemenstruator


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