NDP slams BC Liberals for ‘undermining the electoral reform process’

Sam Sullivan

THE  NDP on Wednesday slammed the Liberal-affiliated group KNOWB4UVOTE.COM for spending tens of thousands of corporate dollars on newspaper ads trying to undermine the electoral reform process. The NDP noted that although the group presents itself as non-partisan, BC Liberal MLA Sam Sullivan is listed as one of the group’s directors.

The NDP added that even as the BC Liberals and wealthy interests attempt to sow confusion to undermine the process, a recent letter from Chief Electoral Officer Anton Boegman describes the referendum questions as simple and clear:

“In general, I believe that this question is simple and clear enough for voters to understand. They are being offered a distinct choice between the existing voting system and a proportional representation voting system.”

“What is also clear is that the BC Liberals and their big money backers will say anything to stop British Columbians from choosing a new way of voting that puts the interests of regular people ahead of those at the top,” the NDP said.